The availability of the assets that make up the monitored technological infrastructure is one of the main indicators for measuring the level of performance and operability of the same, so, as we told you in the blogpost of the new features of Release 0.38, a new Asset (Un)Availability Periods Report has been integrated, which further exploits the availability data collected, allowing you to configure and obtain the periods of operability (availability and unavailability) of the devices and services that meet the established configuration criteria.

Which devices have been down for more than 5 consecutive hours in the past month?

How long did it take my provider to resolve the incident?

What was the maximum downtime during X intervention?

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, this report is of interest to you!

As you can imagine, seasoned reader, from now on you will be able to measure, evaluate and control Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on periods of unavailability, interesting, isn't it?

Let's talk about it?


Report configuration

Before going into details, it should be noted that the configuration flexibility is very wide and can be adapted to almost any need.

In addition to the parameters common with the Availability Report, this report integrates the following set of fields:

wocu_report_indisponibilidad_host_paramsFig 1: Availability period configuration parameters

  • Availability: configuration parameter for displaying assets according to their availability.

  • Duration Threshold: configuration of the availability and/or non-availability time period threshold.

  • Grouping: configuration parameter for the grouping of all the availability periods of a specific asset.

Once you have completed the parameters that you want to know, the result will be a history of periods of availability/unavailability (depending on what you have configured) per asset, during the period of time you selected.


Editing and exporting from the report view

This report allows editing of period settings and exporting in PDF and JSON, from the report view already generated, it is as convenient and easy as changing any parameter available at the top of the main panels.

The new results will be instantly displayed in the relevant listings :D



This report provides significant visibility into asset operability, allowing you to make decisions based on real data, saving costs if the SLAs established with the supplier were exceeded or creating accurate status postmortems.

And of course, if you still have any doubts about how to get the most out of this new report, don't hesitate to contact us!


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